Okay not so much legalities but there are a few important documents or necessities you might want to look at when booking to work abroad. We understand not everyone will know about all of these so we will tell you all about what you need!


First things first, travel insurance! Do you need it? Yes. People do sometimes arrive without insurance and it isn't a problem.until you need it. If you need the doctor, dentist, you lose your luggage etc expect to be paying something. Whether its medical fees or money for new clothes because you went out as soon as you landed and lost your suitcase. The insurance you want is either 'Long Stay' or 'Backpacker' travel insurance.

Whichever insurance company you go with is up to you, there are many out there so just have a look and get the best deal you can. You can use Compare the Market to compare different companies and get the best deal for you on this link


An EHIC card is the European Health Insurance Card. It is a card given to you by the NHS which allows you have free medical care in certain doctors/hospitals in all EU countries. It is a very handy card to have as it can mean avoiding paying high medical bills if you need to see a doctor or injure yourself.

It's completely free and only takes a few days to arrive in the post. There is literally no harm in having one whatsoever so please order one when you book to work abroad with us. You can do so on this link here


A currency card is essentially a bank card with no charges when you use it abroad. If you don't like keeping high amounts of cash on you then we suggest you get one of these. The way they work is you link it to your bank via the card providers website and then send money to it from your bank via Internet Banking.

There are many currency card providers out there and there isn't a best one really, just pick one suited to you and your needs. You can look at the different currency cards available and compare to see which one gives you the best deal here


Those of you who have booked to work in Magaluf and Ibiza, it is highly likely you will need to get an NIE number which is the Spanish equivalent to a National Insurance number. You do not need to worry about this at all!

Your reps in resort will organise all of this for you when you arrive. There is no need to do it any earlier. The reason you will potentially need this is because establishments in Magaluf and Ibiza will normally put you on a legal contract once you are in work.


We welcome workers from all over the world not just the EU. Those of you travelling from countries outside of the EU will in most cases need to apply for a Visa to enter the country. Where and how you apply for this is specific to individual countries.

This is mainly down to you to organise however please message your rep for any assistance in this. We would be happy to point you in the right direction and where you need to go to apply.

We feel like this covers most of the legalities when working abroad. If you feel like we have missed any out by all means message your rep or email us and we will be happy to discuss everything with you.