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 About Zante Working Holidays

Zante is the small greek island of Zakynthos well known for being a popular summer resort over the years. It is an absolute dream for young people looking to experience a summer of a lifetime. Amazing weather along with a bustling nightlife and party lifestyle. Zante also offers some fantastic spots to explore in the day. Visit the famous Shipwreck Beach or even a turtle sanctuary while you bask in the glory of the scorching hot sunshine during the day time

Zante is a popular option for first year workers. The island has a tight knit community of workers and one main strip. Those working there will find that within a few weeks of being there you will know most of the other workers in the resort. It offers some lively events such as the famous White Party, Addicted Tuesdays at Pure, Champagne Sprays and six different boat parties for you to enjoy!


Sunpro Working Holidays offers accommodation as part of the work abroad package for Sunny Beach. You will be located in apartments close to everything essential. The apartments we have available for you are fully equipped and furnished..

After your first 28 days which are included in our package your rep will simply come and collect rent from you for the following month then. You will not need to move apartments or vacate. These are real workers apartments secured to your benefit for the whole season.



 1st May - £450

 1st June - £500

 15th June - £525

 1st July - £550

 1st August - £550

 Zante Tips
  1. Visit Navagio Beach...or as it's more famously known Shipwreck Beach. Is truly is a fantastic picture perfect place. One of Zante's biggest attractions and a great way to spend the day in the summer
  2. Go exploring in Porto Roxa. Geet your mates, set off early and battle through slightly windy Greek mountain roads and reach paradise on earth (you'll have to do it to know what we are talking about here.
  3. Go to the White Party. This is perhaps the most popular party known to Zante.Over 1000 of you all dressed in white located in the stunning Republic Beach Club. One of the island's classiest events which has been goings for 10 years.
  4. Have a day at St Nicholas beach and do some watersports. Watersports are not allowed in Zante because of the turtles which is great. However, it is allowed just 30 minutes away and it is a fun day out.
  5. Go on the Karnage Bar Crawl. It's a bar crawl with a twist, you all meet up and once the whistle goes it's a race. 10 bars, 10 drinks to down and the first 50 to achieve it and get to the finish line win some amazing prizes.